We are finally here! I have been dreaming about this for a while now and am beyond excited to see this platform become a resource for you and your business.


Each of us has our own thing. My thing is helping you do yours. 

After leaving corporate law where I spent my time negotiating multi-million dollar contracts for a global company, I decided it was time to start my own law firm. I came from entrepreneurial parents and actually have a degree in entrepreneurship (and finance) so it made sense to be confident that this is where I was going to end up. 

As my career began to grow in corporate law I felt like I was becoming disconnected from my community. 

There was a pivotal shift in my life when I decided I needed to grow roots in Phoenix, Arizona. 

“You are only going to regret you didn’t do it sooner” – my dear friend Rana 

I knew it was time to go after my dream and serve small businesses. They are the backbone of this country and the center of the community where I feel at home. 

“Every big business that we think of started small”

There is something so honorable and bold about stepping into your passion and making your big idea a reality. I wanted to come alongside entrepreneurs and support them. But very soon into building my firm, I realized there were more ways I could grow and serve, so I launched Legally Aligned, a resource for entrepreneurs at a much more affordable price than having an attorney. 

If you are a fellow entrepreneur, I have full confidence that you are with me in wanting to do as much as we can ourselves. In later episodes, I am going to dive into how we can do everything ourselves as we grow in a greater scale, but we all start HERE.


The long and short of it is I wear many hats, I am an entrepreneur, a bride-to-be, a community-enthusiast, I am deep in the work. 

Behind launching Legally Aligned I wanted to provide resources for entrepreneurs so they can feel empowered, equipped, and inspired to start building your own empire. 

I am going to share weekly conversations with you that I have invited some of my dear friends that have poured into my business and become masters at their niche. 

Because I am a business owner too, I don’t want your busy schedule to keep you from getting the resources you need, so if you give me fifteen minutes of your time each week, I am going to give you on the point guidance on entrepreneurial and legal topics because really when we have both our business can be aligned.