I shared with you in past episodes that I am a huge advocate for systems in business. I want to share one with you today that has become a staple in my daily routine. I use Dubsado to manage all of my clients, within my firm, Guide My Business, and for my one-on-one coaching services with female attorneys. I recently switched to using Dubsado because of its user-friendly environment and elaborate system that enables me to put in the work ahead of time and reduce the day to day stress of managing multiple clients. 

I want to clue you in on six features that I utilize within Dubsado that will save you time and preserve the quality of services that you offer your clients…

No. 1 

The dashboard and the project overview features. The dashboard gives you key metrics such as tracking against your financial goal, open invoices, and a revenue indicator which compares this month’s revenue against last month’s revenue to see if you are on pace to meet or exceed your goals. There is a section across the top that alerts you about missed payments, contracts that require a counter signature, and any workflows that require your action. An added feature is a task board that can be sorted by due date, project, etc. This makes checking in each morning that much easier. Next, we have the project overview that tracks current projects by breaking your leads and clients into custom client categories. For example, consultation scheduled, pending engagement, of types of clients, and past clients. 

No. 2

The Client Portal, this was the real reason for my switch from Clio, which I have found to be an incredible resource for both my clients and myself. It promotes transparency and independence because each client’s portal can be customized to their needs and the services I provide to them. On the client-side, the portal enables my clients to have real-time access to their documents (without having to email me if they have misplaced something), a calendar link to schedule a call at their convenience, and review and pay current invoices that detail everything we accomplished together. I use Calendly which I shared with you in Episode 5 as one of the systems I have utilized in my business. Side note, if you are wondering if it tracks your time, yes Dubsado has a tool for that.

No. 3

The Client Workflow feature allows you to create workflow templates for different categories of clients or project types ahead of time, allowing you to seamlessly implement the workflow with each client without having to reinvent the wheel with every new client you have or have any fear you are missing a step. All I need to do is trigger a specific workflow, some are even triggered automatically (like my initial consultations), depending on my client’s needs right after or I’ll be honest during our initial consultation. The beauty of these workflows is it’s a mix of tasks Dubsado can do automatically, some that may need either my attention or the attention of my team, or even just a simple approval, so we know when certain emails or invoices are going out. 

No. 4

You know I am a sucker for templated email, and a selling point for using Dubsado is the library of canned emails with the ability to customize them and create your very own. For example, we went through and changed any salutations from “hey” to “hi’ or “hello” simply because that is one of my quirky preferences. The Canned Email Templates feature is by far a HUGE time saver! It enables you to create email templates in advance that you can then plug them into automatic features in your workflows, or use to deliver invoices in a matter of seconds when you are ready. A few examples of canned emails that I have drafted are…

  • To deliver their engagement letter – where I also take a moment to remind them of my office hours and no texting boundary. 
  • To share their client portal that my team has set up
  • To share invoices, including some of the recurring invoices.
No. 5

The ability to delegate tasks to my team either within the client portal under workflows or on an ad-hoc basis as needed to support the client is incredible. While I know I mentioned this above, it’s worth mentioning again, because delegation is what is going to allow you to scale your impact and revenue.

No. 6

Invoicing with customizable payment schedules. We all want to be sure that we are paid on time, but with as little admin drain as possible. The secret to achieving this is that Dubsado does the work for me. The custom payment schedule feature allows my team to set specific due dates, which can even include automatic reminders. Automatic reminders can also be set within each payment schedule. For example, I can set up so my clients will be notified three days before they have to pay an invoice and then notify them they were automatically charged to their credit card on file if they still carry a balance past the invoice due date. 

You may be wondering how I have their credit card information “on file”. This information is stored on Stripe after they submit an initial payment before we begin services. Fun fact this invoice is automatically created by Dubsado after they sign an engagement letter, or known as a service agreement to lawyers. In the engagement letter, I get their express consent to charge their credit card if they are late on a payment, covering all the bases in this process.

Hiring a lawyer tip: Be sure you are asked to sign an engagement letter. I recently had a friend reach out to me because they received a surprise invoice from an attorney…

I want to touch one more time on customizable payment schedules. Since I mentioned that I have my membership clients on autopay, I want to highlight how I use both recurring and standard invoices. For member clients that pay a monthly fee for legal services, I set them up with a recurring invoice that is set for the 1st of every month, along with reminders letting them know when the next payment will be withdrawn. The beauty behind having clients on membership is the low-maintenance invoice work and knowing that my clients pay for my services ahead of time, enabling me to focus on serving them and not collecting a paycheck. If you are thinking about introducing a membership or retainer option into your services, recurring invoices and reminders will be the best way to maintain consistency month to month! 

By utilizing these six features, I have been able to automate or delegate administrative tasks that used to take me hours to complete, promote efficiency in my business and time with clients, and save my mental sanity knowing that every client’s needs are taken care of and organized within their portals! 


If this system sounds like it will create efficiency and is the perfect fit for you, I want to share an affiliate code that gives you 20% off your first month or the first year when you sign upIf you aren’t sold this system is SO affordable it actually costs less than 2 months of my previous combination of systems with Clio and Trello for an entire YEAR of Dubsado.

If you have any questions on how Dubsado works or if this system is made for your business, join our private Facebook group where we will be talking all about implementing this system into our businesses!