To wrap-up 2020, we decided to flip the script and play a newlywed game with Will and I! From questions that asked who said ‘I love you’ first, to who is the better driver, we are sharing some fun details about this new season as husband and wife.

Who takes on the responsibility of cooking?

Lauren answered, that’s me. Which is good, but Will is actually cooking today!

What is Lauren’s weirdest quirk? 

Will answered, she always needs physical contact. It’s just very small things, you know, needing a hug or even when we’re sitting on the couch, she’s always somehow has physical contact with me, like her foot is going to be the opposite way, but still somehow has one leg on my leg. 

Truthfully who is most likely to deal with a spider? 

Lauren answered, definitely will. 

Who said ‘I love you’ first? 

Will answered, I think I get that title right there, and was the first one to say I love you. Lauren added in that they said I love you around this time at a friend’s christmas party!

Lauren, what are you most likely to argue about?

Lauren shared, I wish this was his question. I’m thinking like a petty argument, like football. Football seems to last forever in our house and I feel like we start with it every Sunday morning, because he’s preparing his line up. He also just complains the whole time, even though last year he won both of his leagues. Then, at the end he was like, aren’t you so proud of me? And I’m like, so I listen to all of that complaining.

What is your favorite thing about Lauren?

Will shared about how thoughtful she is. It’s the most random thing she’s always thinking about, and caring. But you can’t let her go shopping anywhere because she’ll end up getting multiple gifts for you. 

Let’s say Will has the day off and an empty house, what would Will do? What about Lauren?.

Lauren followed up with the question of whether it is football season or, you know, maybe an off season, because we all know that changes things! Instead she decided to get a little creative here.

She continued sharing that he loves to take care of our grass and our yard and feel like he loves to tinker. For example it’s freezing out right now, I mean, Arizona standards, and he was out watering our plants  in the dark. 

So I will definitely say, probably doing some mindless yard work and watching something on his outside TV is his perfect day without me. 

Will then answered the same question for Lauren and shared that she would be out roaming different stores. He also clued us in on her “quick” trips to Target that turn into five hours later where she ends up stopping by about four different stores or something like that, and that’s where that joint credit card really gets risky there. But she’s just being thoughtful, though. Hey, it’s not all for other people, though, by the way. So treat yourself well.

When did you realize that Lauren was “the one”?

Will shared, even like the first date. But I feel like we can’t put an exact moment on it. 

Without pointing figures, who is the better driver? 

Without hesitation Lauren shared that Will is the better driver. He drives most of the time, I will say not that I’m a bad driver, but he also narrates his driving. He likes to tell you what he’s about to do, as if it’s like the latest, like race car moves or something in our SUV. But I’ll give it to him. 

How long did you date before you became engaged? 

Will shared it was two years and a few months of dating before he proposed!

Who handled most of the rearrangements for the wedding since COVID happened? 

Lauren without a shadow of doubt answered oh, definitely me. But, also followed with There was definitely a lot of tears. He was there for all of those, but he has terrible handwriting. So when we had to uninvite most of our guests, I was in charge of writing the notes because I was afraid they would think that his handwriting was my handwriting. But now that we’re deep into thank you cards, I’ve gotten over that and I am letting him take some ownership of the thank you cards. I love it, though. 

What makes Lauren laugh? What about will?

Will answered, I mean, our dog for sure. I don’t know, probably just just laughing at me most of the time. Sometimes she laughs with me. But yeah, those ones usually work. Our dog, is the most vocal dog I think I’ve ever met. I’m not sure who makes more random noises around the house during covid quarantine. Lauren could have started to question her engagement to me at the time, and it would have been understandable ha!

If you had five hours to spend together doing anything you want, how would you spend it?

Lauren shared that she feels like they try to mix it up, which is nice, but also feels like they don’t have a go to. She continued with sharing that they are homebodies. But also both very social. I think we would probably choose to spend it with friends, some of it, because we really enjoy connecting with other friends of ours and couples. But also I think we really love being at our home, and it was the benefit of covid. We do love our home and love spending time on projects and stuff around here.

To give our listeners the perspective of the man who stands behind you in all of your endeavours, can you share how Will has shown up for you as you have launched your podcast, shop, new business and now stepped into the role as your husband this year? 

Lauren shared, I would say my favorite thing is that our relationship has always been like a team, like we have always made decisions together. I’ve always felt like that was a big strength behind everything that I was able to do, because I know I always had his support and had him to fall back on. He hears all of my crazy ideas like you heard. He likes to keep me grounded. But he also is a big support, and is kind enough to read all the copies. He on websites, he’s proof read he’s let me run ideas past him. And I feel like at the end of the day he’s truly like my best friend and the most supportive person that I have in my life. I feel very lucky to have so many supportive people.

He’s kind of always, always my best hype man.

So I think for me, the journey of entrepreneurship wouldn’t have happened as soon as it did if he wasn’t there when we were first dating, encouraging me to start my firm, and that has just continued through all of my crazy ideas that I’ve brought to him.

I think we all are curious to hear how Lauren shows up for you everyday as a wife, amidst all of the responsibilities she juggles? 

Will answered I don’t know how she does it a lot of the time because I feel like she juggles everything with her job and every other ideas. And then she also has to babysit me, I swear, half the time with me. Did you remember to do that? Oh yeah. I need to write that down.

So, I mean, I kind of already forgot what the question was. But on the other side of the private side of it, obviously, I love her to death and she just has always been. It goes back the thoughtful and caring part of it. But it’s always nice, and sometimes I get home when she’s still working, but it’s always nice when she’s done. We just get to hang out, whether it’s us getting stuck watching a Hallmark Christmas movie or, you know, all the other stuff. But, you know, she’s just so supportive with everything that we do together, and like she said, we are a team. I feel like that’s been the nicest part about it. We’ve made so many decisions together, and I just think that with everything, it’s just been so nice having her as a support for me. There’s times where obviously I haven’t come home and, you know, this or that about work. But she’s always been there to support and help me out.

With some of Will and Lauren’s milestones behind them, they still have countless big moments ahead! The final question we asked of them was what is next, and they shared the exciting possibiilty of buying a house soon!