Sakura Considine, a lifestyle blogger based in Phoenix, AZ, is joining in on the conversation to share with us the behind the scenes to becoming a full-time blogger! I got to know Sakura first when we were both serving as mentors together at The Foundress when she helped me re-design my firm’s website, but she has now pivoted from being a co-founder in her creative agency after 6 years to a full-time blogger after she had her beautiful daughter. She strategizes and creatively focuses on fashion, beauty, but now the spin to motherhood has shaped her story to captivate us all.  

We are going to dive into the journey, systems, and partnerships that come with moving into full-time blogging, and with no one better to join in on the conversation than Sakura! 

Navigating the Transition 

Throughout her journey, Sakura has gracefully shared the behind the scenes of being a full-time blogger. From the looking glass of social media we have learned that blogging is far more than not just pretty pictures and writing blog posts, but instead, overcoming imposter syndrome, finding a balance between engaging with your community, and being present for your family, all while creating opportunities for aligned business partnerships… much like most entrepreneurs share in that same feeling. So then, how do you make the transition? Sakura’s story of dedicating a year before she transitioned to intentionally investing time and effort into her blog, resulted in landing partnerships that opened the gateway to full-time blogging. 

In her own words, “the year of working really hard at my blog gave me the confidence to pivot when the timing was right”. Blogging may not come naturally for anyone, but if you dedicate time to doing it, being real, and showing your authentic self, other things become easier including partnerships.

Measuring Your Success

The blogging industry is huge because each individual has their own niche. Sakura clued us in on the secret to measuring your success as a blogger, “being you is truly how you measure your success”. The truth of it is, you are measuring success by your personal growth, and how you are feeling more comfortable about the content you are able to share. In turn, people are going to be engaging more and feel really encouraged, and an inspiration to start their own blog.  

Sakura’s #1 Tip

If you have been dreaming of starting to blog either part-time or full-time, identifying topics that resonate, incorporating partnerships and curating what your presence will be in this industry can sometimes present a challenge, but Sakura provided her #1 tip before you embark on each of these things. 

“In the beginning, you are figuring yourself out as a brand, working with influencers, and vice versa, and it is truly a learning experience of what you like and don’t like, including how you want to intertwine partnerships into your everyday lifestyle.” 

Continuing she shared, “As long as you are talking from your heart, and being authentic, it is easy to intertwine everything, showing products how you use it, why you like them.”

What a Business Owner Needs to Know

Now we are going to flip the script. Many entrepreneurs wonder if their business would benefit from using influencers to promote their products. As a business owner myself questions have been raised, should I be gifting, should I be paying influencers to market for me?

“If you are a brand wanting to work with, or working with an influencer, use their content as your own promotional marketing material. Even how they shoot things, how they take their photos, you want to make sure that aligns with your brand so you can get the most out of this partnership, not just more views on social media”

With gifting, it is essentially a trade collaboration. The expectation that brands and influencers should have is sending or receiving a product, trying it out then sharing to social media if they like it. A brand partnership on the other hand is an actual paid partnership one time, quarterly or yearly. From Sakura’s experience, brands will see more sales engaging in quarterly partnerships. 

From a legal perspective, there are legalities to endorsing brands with your audience. If you are unaware of the Federal Trade Commission requirements or feel like making these disclosures are disingenuous or dilute your endorsements, then you are in the right place! 

Sakura has learned and worked with brands that line out every expectation and speaks directly to us as business owners who are “paying a blogger or influencer to showcase your products”, to set the expectations for tags, number of social media posts, compensation etc. 

Our Influencer Agreement covers all of these bases and can be customized to tailor to your needs to set the expectations clearly and get the relationship off to a strong start.

Sakura shared an abundance of information that far surpasses what you read here, if you want to listen now or subscribe to listen later to hear the ins and outs of full-time blogging, head to your favorite streaming platform or listen above! 

To follow along with Sakura, you can connect with her on Instagram, @sakuraconsidine, through her blog, or on YouTube

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