Do you ever feel like you are Meant for More? That you are meant to pursue that passion, start that business, and overcome that fear? My friend Stephanie Hendrick, author and founder of Meant for More focuses on guiding women to relentlessly pursue their purpose, grow their businesses, and increase their impact. 

Stephanie’s first book that inspires entrepreneurs to take on the mindset that they are Meant for More, and provides her readers with the tools to accomplish the next steps in business. She dives into the risks, the mindset, and the opportunities that come with pursuing more, and how we can overcome and grow from our obstacles. While the book is currently in editing, don’t worry our team will be sharing when the book drops!

Stephanie clues us in on creating a mindset and strategic ways she has developed habits of overcoming fears and big steps in business. 


Stephanie began our conversation by sharing the question that all of us as entrepreneurs ask ourselves, “What is the turning point or the catalyst for a business?” Here is the answer: 

“There really are no secrets! other than its entirely our mindset!” 

To understand this more I asked Stephanie about how to persevere through not getting in our own way and push through the preconceived notions that we are not good enough and she simply answered, “mindset is everything!”

By hearing this twice, I hope it is sinking in with you just as much as it is with me!

Stephanie views this shift in mindset as a reminder that “eventually you are going to have to show up as a bigger version of yourself” and be prepared to face our daily obstacles with a mindset that is going to push us through and not hold us back.

So then, “What separates us from one entrepreneur to the next?” 

Stephanie answered, “The mindset barriers that we are able to push through or not able to push through.” 

Self-sabotage is a true barrier to overcoming the fears that develop in our entrepreneurial journey. It makes us question, maybe this is as far as I am supposed to get, or that is too big to overcome? 

We come up with excuses as to why we can’t get past the finish line when we have had the tools to overcome them all along. 

Stephanie clues us into two steps that help minimize our barriers and maximize our ability to overcome them…


Stephanie’s first step to building a mindset that will carry on through the rest of the day is to “Do something that is physically exerting on yourself.”

Built into my own morning routine is time where I push myself physically to sweat more, run longer or take on that extra mile on the peloton. 

Trust me when Stephanie says to “Do something that you really don’t enjoy doing but is physically taxing on yourself”, you won’t regret it. Stephanie shares why, 

“What you did in that moment by pushing yourself physically is you proved to yourself that you can do hard things – really hard things” she continued, “In that moment when you generate the energy to do hard things – you remind yourself that you are capable of doing more!”


Whether it is your sister, colleague, partner, husband, or wife, building accountability is the next step to building the mindset that overcomes barriers, not surrenders to them.

Our cheerleaders are the people that join in on our victories and push us towards achieving the goals we have set. 

Stephanie makes an excellent point that “our cheerleaders make us feel valued” but they are not our accountability partners. 

To Stephanie’s definition of an accountability partner, “You want a person that is going to give you the real truth, give you the feedback, build you when they know you need to be built up, but really they are going to hold your feet to the fire”.

Let this be the test, is “this person is going to tell you what you do not want to hear”? Are “they going to speak wisdom into your life”?

Stephanie shares why “The combination of these two people in your life is so powerful when you put it into practice.”

It is important that you have both your cheerleaders and your accountability partners, the key is just finding who those people are in your life and in your business.  


The habits that you build become who you are, and carry you through when doubt sets in. Enacting these steps helps us to put intention into the things behind what we do. The less we can get out of your own head, we can then see ourselves taking the next steps, to overcoming the things that you were once fearful of. 

Stephanie shared one last thing, “Don’t discount the simplicity of this advice” and I can tell you I am all in to start today. These two steps to building a mindset to overcome fear are simple and achievable if we band together and do the work!

To continue relentlessly pursuing your purpose, grow your business, and increase your impact, follow Stephanie at:

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