One of the topics that I have been seeing come up, especially in my mastermind, and just within friends is during COVID was that people have poured into the community through serving and free support. 

Now we are recognizing that it can be hard to come out of that tunnel. We see that the weight is lifting and we know we need to monetize within our business to succeed and in order to succeed, we need to believe in abundance and that we should be fairly and abundantly compensated for the work we do and the transformations we create. 

But, we often get stuck in that, “well I’ve been doing it for free for so long”, asking ourselves how we can take this audience that we have built, that expects us to show up for free and ask them to pay? 

Allee Williams who has been a friend, counselor, and business consultant from the beginning, is here to answer that question with an abundance of easy steps to transition from serving your customers for free to monetizing from the value you provide. 



We want you to walk away in confidence knowing that “you are the customer journey expert, in a way that you will be selling without knowing you are selling, and how to take people along that path and how to make it seem so seamless.”

I asked Allee to share with us what the key to seeing the transition from serving to monetizing is, and her simple answer was, “this is the time to go after the one”. She continued, “when it comes to business, money comes when you change lives”.

After that foundational piece of advice, Allee shared three things she had to learn: 

  • “I was worthy of making money.”
  • “They are worthy of paying me because that is a form of accountability and love that allows them to level up and pour into something to expand their reach.”
  • “When it comes to that you can grow together.”

If any of those resonated with you and you are now telling yourself that you need to learn those also, here is your confirmation to do so, “when you are holding someone back from them giving and you receiving you are holding yourself back from getting to the next level”.



First, we must know the impact we make before we can understand the customer journey. Allee shared that “knowing your brand and knowing what you can offer your ideal client” is critical to know the impact you can make on the one client you are going after. 

Then, we can know that the customer journey is “understanding what offer they are going to get, how they are going to get it, this is how I am going to hold you through the process and this is how you are going to transform their life.” 

We must get into the mindset with our customers that “if you’re winning, I am winning”. Because the bottom line is, “it has nothing to do with the money you may have given me, or that I may have given you, through different services or trade we did, it has to do with the fact that we grew together.”



“If you’re here and you feel called to start it, it is not to make money. If it is about making money, check yourself because you will wreck yourself. Make sure you are going and showing up for the one person that is going to be better because they encountered you.”  



 If “you have been showing up and giving them something free, or maybe you have packages that you feel you are over-delivering and not getting paid fully”, then “that’s a good place to be, and where to start!” 

BUT it is also “where a lot of business owners burn out.”

“You are not supposed to burnout – especially when there is a call on your life”

To avoid burnout, and compensate yourself in the way that you know you deserve, dive into the method that Allee shared with us…



If you have been offering something for free in your business, then that would be classified as a cold lead. “Cold means they are social media observers, cold ads that you are putting out, networking, referrals, where they don’t know anything about you.”

But, “if you have given them something for free, they now know something about you”. Your cold leads have been given “a taste of your impact potential” and are ready to transition from cold to warm.



Once your cold leads have tasted your impact potential, “you are going to add them to Facebook groups, retarget your ads to custom audiences” such as social media engagers, followers, and other platforms “where they know who you are and are familiar with your method name”.

The warm spot can be often referred to as “the problem spot”, but here is why it actually isn’t:

First, “it is not a problem, it’s an opportunity”. When you view the warm spot as “the problem spot”, “you are holding yourself back from actually changing their life when you just sit there”.

Second, if you don’t know what to charge moving forward, then you can utilize, pay as you go coaching. 

Yes, that is right, allow your customers the ability to pay what they can when they can. Here is the offer you can present, “speak about the reality, but come to them and ask what you can do together because you see potential there”.

“This is a great way to dip your toes in with one to two clients and show them how you can change their life, which they can show to others”. By creating a relationship and content with them, you can utilize their testimony to draw in future customers. 


Now “you have warmed up an audience, you are liked by them, trusted by them, and can now move them into a hot place” 

These customers that you are transitioning “are the social media initiators that are direct messaging you on social platforms or your email list who have already responded, and your different people that have said you have really inspired them”.

“These are the people that you can say that you are so glad that they are here, and that you see them and can meet their needs”. You begin the conversation by asking “if I have given you something for free and you have felt an impact, what would take you to the next level?”

As you go into that conversation with your next customer, “switch that mindset from I need to make money and I have been doing a lot of work for these people, to wow these people are here for a reason, I must have done something correctly, maybe I should ask them what they need.”



Allee guided us into “starting genuine conversations” where we “move into that trust and selling zone.”

 The selling zone is knowing “what is necessary”, that “right now all bets are off”, and “selling from there.”

This customer journey is simply “just growing together”. 

Allee ties the bow with sharing that we “are going from the cold lead to the warm place of freebies, to then that hot trust and your new client and customers.” 



“If you have an email list and you are not getting replies, great! Welcome to the club!”


Exercise #1: Pick a handful or even all of your email list to send a simple, “check-in email, offering them support, that you can create from a place that they need. But let it be open-ended because we get so caught up in performance that we forget that it’s the organic imperfection that brings in the powerful people”


At the heart of it, if we are not authentic then our email lists, social media platforms, followers, or impact are not going to build on themselves at all. 


Exercise #2: Post a poll on your story with a simple ask, for example how you can show up for your customers right now. “If you get five or five hundred people to respond, that is five hundred people you can go in right there and say hi and send a voice memo to”


Allee’s final thought of getting to the heart of authentic engagement was that “so often we just give ourselves permission to succeed when we need to give ourselves permission to try. When you take that pressure off of yourself, income happens but more importantly impact happens.”



 Allee lives in Los Angeles, on the west side and she has loved seeing the mentality of the city change. Through her perspective, she has seen that “a lot of people are in question, need and almost scarcity. It has been so cool to see the community become a lot softer, and has been really inspiring.”

To continue learning from Allee, you can follow her @rightupyourallee on Instagram, listen to her podcast Right Up Your Allee, or follow her two businesses on Instagram + @bloombabeflowertruck.