Sage Aubrey is a creator and the founding vision behind the SAGE AUBREY collection. Sage started her career in fashion at 22 when she opened her first women’s boutique. By moving away from traditional wholesale strategies, she has created a thriving direct-to-consumer business focused on buying less – and feeling more. Her style and originality have made Sage a coveted speaker, creator, and successful entrepreneur with a dedicated community built around her authentically fierce brand voice. 

Sage is the master at showing her style through her outfits, handbags, and brand. She is even more when sharing the wisdom she has collected over the years on how to develop your brand voice. So brace yourself for impact, because Sage shares an abundance of value, in her most authentic self, Sage Aubrey! 


We can all agree that quarantine challenged all of us to be a little more optimistic and creative with how we continue to brand ourselves. Sage took this challenge to the next level by starting #stylingcorona and showed us all how to be creative and have fun. 

At the heart of it, Sage shared, “I have always wanted to teach women style in a way that doesn’t feel intimidating.” She continued, “How can a woman feel like she can have style but not take it too seriously without being scared of it?” 

She came up with her own strategy, “My goal has always been to break that barrier and incorporate my humor into style and fashion to make it feel accessible to my community.” 

Quarantine hit at a perfect time for Sage to show us all how to have fun and create humor around styling outfits. As a result, here’s what happened…

“It ended up influencing this community of women to get up and show up even during this uncertain time we have been living in.” 


The first relationship we build is the one between ourselves and our business. Sage explained that as, “we go into our business and into our craft, and sometimes it takes a long time until that craft or that business essentially becomes you.” 

The second relationship we build is the one between ourselves and our community. She continued, “we get down to business and talk about all things business and resources but what we genuinely forget to talk about as women the relationships that we create in having our businesses.”

To Sage’s point, as entrepreneurs, we are our brand. We represent the relationship between our products or services and the community of customers that we are here to serve. 

With that purpose, Sage calls us to speak “from who you are, completely unveiled, totally authentic” because this “is where you begin to build community and find success.”


I asked Sage what one thing she would attribute her success to, as she has proven her ability to achieve some of her greatest goals personally and professionally. 

Through her presence in large retail partnerships, Sage “realized how intimidation is used to get sales and I just couldn’t imagine my two little girls growing up saying that mommy made a lot of money selling a lot of handbags.” This was a turning point for Sage as she shared, 

“It mattered more to me to have values than it did for me to have money success.”

Let’s pause. Did you need to hear that? I needed to hear that I have permission to walk away from areas of my business that I am monetarily succeeding in so that I can preserve the relationship, the voice, and the image that I want to represent for my business. 

Sage asks this question, “What do I do to not be a problem in this industry, but be a solution?”

Her answer to that question is, “Every single post I post on Instagram, every word I put on my website is to instill confidence and allow a woman to understand that she has all of the power and not these brands.”

Through this conversation, Sage has shown us that “in order to really grow a tribal community that has a lot of loyalists it is a matter of showing your face, unveiling who you are, not acting like you have it all together.”


Our weaknesses could actually be our secret gatekeepers to opening ourselves up to our community. Sage instructs us to triumph over our weaknesses and build our brand voices in three strategic steps.

First, connect your story authentically and your personal voice to high-end imagery. 

Second, invest in trust within your community. She explains this through the hard-earned truth that people need to feel like you have a well-tailored page, you are consistent, cohesive, and that they can trust you with their money. 

Third, be consistent with your story and showing up in your feed while testing what you have to offer by connecting with your community. 

In partnership with all of this, Sage reminds us that “when you start authentically speaking about yourself and your business it’s amazing how quickly you can start connecting with people through your business on a genuine level.”


We all know Sage is speaking the truth when she says “Our brand voice is not going to be our own if we are constantly looking to others further along in our own industry because we are going to end up trailing instead of learning.”

Sage has always found that through cooking shows and chefs because of their stories and the way that they personalize and authentically incorporate their lives into their profession. 

Before you go, I want to leave you with the encouragement that, “what makes you different, is looking outside of the box and finding something different that you relate with that you can incorporate into your business authentically.”

To continue learning, laughing and growing with Sage you can find her below: 

@thesageaubrey on Instagram

@sageaubrey herself on Instagram