Since the launch of this podcast, I have been waiting for this conversation and I’m proud to say that the timing finally feels just right. My dear friend Lindsay Schwartz joined in on the conversation to-do what she does best and equip us to create our next launch strategy. She’s an entrepreneur. A top podcast host and the best selling author. She’s a sought-after speaker and has traveled around the world inspiring women to get out of their own way and into action around their big ideas. Since 2020 has created a huge shift to virtual events, online courses, podcasting. I thought there was no time like the present for us to talk about creating a successful launch strategy to take your business to the next level with an audience and community engagement during the entire process. 

Lindsey has been a huge element in opening my eyes to what’s available to us if we dream a little bit bigger and see that there is an audience beyond just our neighborhood. I remember when Lindsey and I first had coffee, I told her my big scary idea, and since then has held me to the fire, and become my number one advocate so effortlessly.

Lindsey began by sharing the key to today’s episode, “you do not have to have a big audience. I love that I did everything backward, quote on the quote. I didn’t have a big audience to start when I watched my book or my podcast, my event. It proves that you don’t need that. But there are a few things that you can do to make a really successful launch with whatever size audience you have.”

This is true, isn’t it? How many of us have looked at the following some people have, and compare our two thousand to the millions of followers they have? It can feel overwhelming, and makes us wonder why our voice is needed, right? Keep reading, there is truth coming your way…

Lindsey continued, “if most of us were to look for our businesses and pick a crazy goal for your business, and actually did the math to calculate how many customers you would need in order to hit that number, I bet most of us could have a killer business that makes a huge impact, and income to match on less than a thousand customers and have a thousand people who are really excited about what you are doing.”

The Bottom Line: You just need that handful of people who you can make a deep and lasting impact on in order to have the business and the income you want to have. Do the math first and foremost, because you might be shocked at truly the number of people that you need to serve in order to hit that goal.


Lindsey has successfully launched the Powerhouse Women annual event, a podcast, and masterminds, to just name a few. Through her extensive launch experience, I asked Lindsey if she could share her #1 lesson she has learned.

Beginning with her motto, “you’re not meant to do business or life alone”, Lindsey asked, “what is a goal that would require you to have others help? This is a big stretch for a lot of us. A lot of women especially. You’re nodding because I think you and I can both relate to that feeling of, well, I don’t want to bother people. I don’t want you to know, I don’t want to ask too much”. Is this resonating with you like it is with me? Keep reading… 

Lindsey shared more about the first-ever PW event, “I will never forget when I was planning the very first ever powerhouse women event. And it felt like such a stretch for me to get 100 bodies in the room. It felt overwhelming until the day that I sat down and I said, okay, I may not be able to think of 100 hundred women who would come to this, but I can think of 20 who probably all have five or six friends. The more women I thought of, my mind switched to…

  • How could I empower others and enroll them in my vision? 
  • How could I get them so excited that they naturally want to share it? 
  • How can I create so much value? 
  • How can I roll them in this vision in such a powerful way that they naturally want to share?
  • How can I make it really, really easy for them to do so? 
  • How can I provide graphics, provide the exact copy that they can just copy and paste on a quick post? 
  • When you’re launching something, think about how you can get other people involved? 
  • How can you make it easy for them to share and support you? 

As a final testament, Lindsey shared, “you might have to do some inner work around being willing to ask for help, and receive help. But at the end of the day, that’s what has made all of our launches successful. I have learned how to allow others to support my vision.”

That is one of those things that is not only just asking for the favor, but it is also asking for a team to come behind you. Being willing to think about the amount of the team that can support this higher goal and enrolling paid support, but also bringing along your community for the right and being willing to ask and tell them what you need from them. Small scale to big scale. You can enroll people in your vision. 


I am not sure if everyone is like me, but I feel the pressure to be on all the things. Instagram, Facebook, email lists,  LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok. I feel like in order to make an impact, have an effective strategy, we need to do all the things. I asked Lindsey to share her thoughts on whether we need to feel like we need to market ourselves everywhere. 

Lindsey’s response was this, “At the end of the day, sometimes I have to repeat it time and time again that I’m doing the best I can. There was part of it where we have to catch ourselves. We go into comparison and look at someone else’s strategy, knowing that it may not be the best strategy for you or for myself.”

One of the things that Lindsey began practicing this year was repurposing content. In her own words, “you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Especially when it comes to launching”. There is a stigma of fear around sharing too much, but the truth that Lindsey shared was that “Having to show up on all these different places can feel overwhelming when it comes to planning our launches. But if you remember that, you can create the content for one specific platform, the one that you really believe, your audience, the people you want to serve are paying most attention to. That should be our question. Where’s my audience paying the most attention and spending the most time creating something specifically for that platform?”

“Then step back and ask yourself, how could this look if I reshaped and shared it to LinkedIn? If I reshared it as a Pinterest graphic linking back to my website, could I turn this into a podcast or two into a video?” This train of thought allows us to reduce the decision fatigue of feeling like every idea has to be new and ingenious, and “reimagine those pieces of content to fit in other places” so we can feel like we are consistently showing up in all the places. 

What is stopping us from putting this into action? The truth is, “any of us who are creating things are always gonna be our own worst critic. We’re gonna get in our own way more than anything else, and to realize that what stops us from showing up consistently is typically some form of personal insecurity. Oftentimes it is those days where I feel the most resistance around showing up, that whatever I end up sharing resonates with someone, even just one person who really, really needed to hear it that day. So just remember, it’s not about you. The way that we serve is to show up and create content and be present for our communities.”


Now that we have touched on the heart behind creating content to share our launches, I asked Lindsey to clue us in on a few tips that can make our launches look and feel fun! She spoke directly to first making it feel authentically you, and match your personality, then create some hype around everything you are launching. In her own words, “there is no way to quantify the impact of creating a little hype. Hype is creating intrigue and excitement, and it engages people’s brains in a different way. So if you want people to pay attention to what it is that you’re launching, you want to give them something that teases their mind.” Lindsey continued, “In doing that, it has them feel a part of this story you’re creating, and ultimately, the thing that you’re launching!”

As I have followed along with Lindsey, she has made many launches out of her bigger launches. She has an announcement of the speakers, an announcement of the location, an announcement that the website is live, and brings us along the journey, which I think is that much more powerful. 

Lindsey shared that “anything you can turn into a reason to bring people’s attention back to what you’re doing. I love to turn that into a mini launch, because the process of constantly asking if your followers have bought a ticket yet, is what feels icky and inauthentic for a lot of us. If you just stay in the excitement about what you are creating and then strategically create calls to action, for example, asking them to purchase or to go to the website and check it out, it feels so much better than if you have nothing at all to show up and say other than like, hey, did you buy it yet? How about now? Did you get your ticket?”

This is a reminder to everyone that you don’t have to have it all figured out, to begin with, but allows us to bring everyone along as we go and be responsive to our audience. 


Being in Lindsey’s mastermind has allowed me to challenge myself in ways that I would have never imagined, especially in such a hard year, the way that we have modified our goals. Our first call was before all this happened and the way things have changed, my business has changed in ways I did not anticipate, but I could not have done it without Lindsey’s support, the support of her team, and the support of the amazing ladies and the mastermind. 

What can you expect from this amazing team? “One of the things you’re going to see more and more and more from Powerhouse Women is just this theme of mentorship, really believing and understanding that if you are able to learn and get some guidance from women who’ve been where you want to be, have done things you want to do and then the community to support you and to hold you accountable to those big ideas, that’s actually how the people you see out there, growing these successful businesses. If you asked half of them, they work with a mentor of some kind. So I think what we’ve created here is really special.”

As much as the Powerhouse Women community has grown, they do make personal connections and are always just a DM away. Follow Powerhouse Women on Instagram, and Lindsey herself, @llindseyschwartz and let them know what they can do to support and cheer you on because they truly believe that we’re not meant to do business or life alone. 

If you don’t have anyone to enroll in your launch or your vision, getting yourself a mastermind is an excellent way to have a forced group of people that you can enroll in your vision that will support you endlessly during that time, too. If you feel like you don’t have your tribe, is an excellent way to get with a tribe that understands the pressures that you’re feeling.