Has knowing that you were not the “first” ever prevented you from creating an offering? If you are silently admitting that you have held back from pursuing a beautiful idea die because its already being done, you are not alone. 

If you read my post about the lessons I learned when I launched The Legally Aligned Podcast, you will see considering launching the contract template shop was not the first time that I questioned if my voice could be heard amongst the noise. 

Turns out it can. What I offer will resonate with the right people.

When I first considered launching a contract template shop I mentally listed my objections:

  1. The countless hour this pursuit would require.
  2. I would cannibalize the demand for my legal services available to Arizona businesses through my firm, Guide My Business
  3. There are existing contract template resources available in this digital world. 
  4. I could not possibly deliver the level of support to this community that I would be satisfied with.
  5. Protect these resources from abuse could not be without its vulnerabilities of relying on the honesty and intentions of my potential customers.
  6. Of course, I asked myself “what would people think?”

As I write those objections, they still feel pretty convincing. However, quoting Glennon Doyle in Untamed, “No one has ever lived this or will ever live this life that I am attempting to live with my gifts and challenges and past and people. Every life is an unprecedented experiment.”

In quarantine rather than accept this mental list of objections, I instead gave myself permission to write out a vision of Legally Aligned that would challenge these objections.

I now had more time to be still and create. The time spent on creation would be an investment in the bigger vision for my life. 

My truest vision for my life is to serve others while being generously compensated for my gifts not to hold tightly to a single source of income that does not allow me to grow and collaborate with others. 

No one would do it in the way I would do it. I offer a unique voice and perspective that is meant to resonate with an equally unique audience. 

I could in fact use the same detail-loving care that I use with my clients in the vision for this platform and each resource. So I listed what I would need to deliver to support for each customer:

  • Free educational resources for this community, which became this blog and the podcast.
  • A video tutorial, so you can plug-and-play with confidence all while aligning the contract template with your unique business vision.
  • A guide that would go deeper than telling you to “get it signed” or “upload it to your website” but how to pull elements from the contract seamlessly into your business, so you don’t miss a beat.
  • No one-time “zip” file download here. You will have access to every contract template you purchase safely in your legal vault.
  • I created Legally Aligned to meet you where you are right now. As your business grows, this fast-paced world is evolving. The contract templates will evolve with it, so I want you to have access to any updates along the way. Did I mention it’s free with every purchase?

We will do our best to protect the countless hours dedicated to the creation of these resources to serve our community with technology, but as will all things it comes down to trust and follow-through. I trust that entrepreneurs are here to protect their livelihood, which is a responsibility I have taken very seriously, and will honor me with the same respect. 

When considering what others will think if I do this, I ask “what will I think if I don’t.” The thought that I might wonder “what if” is enough.

With that, I put my head down and created. After nearly 5 months of creation and support of my incredible team, I present the Legally Aligned shop, blog, and podcast. Now I am a mix of tired, excited, relieved, but most of all proud.