I enjoyed wedding planning so much… that I decided to do it twice.

To be totally honest, I truly did enjoy wedding planning. Our families and friends are incredibly supportive, plus many of our vendors started out as cherished clients/friends. I trusted the process and I had a vision of the “perfect wedding day.”

But like most 2020 brides or event hosts I did not anticipate the coronavirus. As an attorney, my job is literally, anticipating and planning for the worst-case scenario, but I could not have fathomed this.

Coronavirus has had many of us holding our breath since the beginning of March, wondering what our events were going to look like. I sit here typing this, still very unsure.  As the bride and groom, you can’t help but feel responsible for every single person at the event. Not only the health of our guests but for the livelihood of our vendors. You can’t help but wonder how postponing (or not postponing) to 2021 would affect them.

So instead of saying that I feel confident in our decisions or plans… I am going to tell you simply how I am choosing to approach this process with gratitude. 

I am still marrying the love of my life. The man that has been my number one supporter as I have launched both of my businesses. The man that believed in me when I did not. The man that makes my dreams come true. 

Our wedding day was always about our love, not a party.

We will have the unwavering support of our families and friends. Some have compassionately listened to the tears. 

Our vendors are doing their best to remain optimistic as they try to survive an unimaginably challenging year.  

My dress still makes me smile.

Each of these things are incredible gifts. 

When we realized for everyone’s safety we needed to cut our guest list in more than half, we had the incredible support of Jessica, the founder See Salt, who helped turn a salty situation into a sweet one by creating sweet little packages with her finishing salt what we were able to drop handwritten notes into.



When we had to move our wedding location and date to make it more convenient for our loved ones, our wedding coordinator Cara, founder of A Day to Cherish Weddings made it happen. We were able to keep every single vendor.

At the end of the day what I keep holding on to is, my parents will walk me down the aisle to my soon-to-be husband with our loved ones supporting whether it be in person, virtually (thanks to Carly of Good Vibe Media), and in spirit.

If you are a COVID bride or a wedding vendor trying to hold on to an ounce of that optimism and reliance. I am here. 

I will leave you with my simple mantra – “I am blessed.” Repeat until you remember it’s truth.