The first time my team suggested a podcast in 2019 I laughed. Followed by “That’s a hard no.” I had no intention of reconsidering the idea or much less changing my mind. I also had no clue what 2020 had in store for the world. Cue a change of perspective.

For any of my enneagram lovers, I am a certified type two wing one. This means I am described as a “helper” with a shade of resolve, which is amplified by the wing one motivation of correctness. Yep, that is definitely me. 

I only commit to something that I can do consistently perfect. However, if you are reading this, my guess is that you are an entrepreneur like myself… and you know perfect is a nearly impossible standard. 

2020 has challenged many of us to reflect on our belief system and take messy action. 

If I am being honest, the doubts that ran through my head when my team suggested I start a podcast told me “There is already so much out there, your voice isn’t needed amongst the noise.” 

But when I challenged that limiting belief, I realized that I was doing this for myself and the single entrepreneur, COVID-19 bride, friend, or dog mom that might see themselves in me. 

So instead I asked myself what I want…

  • I want to connect with my community. 
  • I want to make searching for the answers just a little bit easier for the next person who is seeking for alignment with their purpose.
  • I want to lift the veil that Instagram can put on the challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • I want to share what I have learned while starting and scaling my businesses. 

With that, I resolved to take messy action. Imagine my team’s surprise when I told them I purchased a podcasting mic during quarantine. 

To say this year has been unexpected is an understatement. But I am choosing to act as though 2020 didn’t happen to us, but for us. A year of silver linings and beautiful lessons.  

Here are the 5 life-lessons I learned from launching The Legally Aligned Podcast:

  1. Done is better than perfect.
  2. You can start a passion project without any expectations of success in the traditional sense of the word. 
  3. Your energy and desire for genuine connection is palpable.
  4. You don’t need wait for someone to give you a platform, you should create your own.
  5. There is peace in knowing it will get better with time.
  6. It’s hard to listen to your voice (even the one in your head), but you will adjust to it.

Without a doubt, this passion project has taken countless hours to create, but it was worth every messy minute.