Well, you might have noticed, but we have a new name around here! We have closed the chapter on Legally Aligned and opened a new one. Today I want to tell you a little bit about why we did it. 


When it comes down to it, truly, it’s based on evolution, evolution as an entrepreneur, evolution as a person. I wanted to embrace the seasons of life and business. I felt like Legally Aligned was limiting on what my experience as an entrepreneur is. As a boss, has a wife, as a business owner, as a creative, as an attorney, as a mentor. As all of the ways that I show up in my business, I wanted to share all of it, I wanted to share how I enjoy doing finances in my business, how we plan for revenue, and our revenue streams. I wanted to talk about how we’ve built multiple businesses that are nicely intertwined with one another. I felt like I was a little handcuffed or disingenuous. 

If I was doing it under the brand Legally Aligned, I felt like it was the safe way. I feel as though being an attorney has somehow become my identity, but in reality, I’m just myself. I am just showing up, figuring out life and business along with the rest of you. I wanted to have those authentic conversations with our guests and I wanted to be able to bring you resources that have inspired me, that have impacted myself and my business, and changed the trajectory of both. 

What you were going to see now is a podcast that is more reflective of me, and I figured since so many things in life are changing, new home, new last name, why not do a new name here, too? 

So welcome to The Lauren Boyd Show! Bare with me, because there has been a lot of changes around here and there are going to be hiccups, mistakes, and lessons where we could have learned to do better. We’re going to be working on that now, and I want to be transparent. We have shifted to batch recording all of our guests and the reason that we did that is that that’s what I wanted. Because that is what worked best for me in this season of life and business, that I felt like the ability to immerse myself into guest recording was exactly what I wanted to do. So that’s what we did for this season, and I want to let you know that it’s a learning curve, that we had incredible guests that I loved where our conversations led. 

But sometimes it was unscripted, sometimes our conversations went a different way than I had expected. Each time they went exactly where they were supposed to go, and I did want to embody this new version of me that was a little bit okay with the unscripted.

As I’m sitting here talking to you, I am in my closet because, in our new home, I haven’t gotten around to putting anything on the walls to getting that new desk that I was going to get. I am going to share that journey with you as well. But right now, my closet is the best place to record. So, I am sitting here with my coffee in hand recording this episode to let you know what to expect next. 


You can expect more episodes, more guests, more solos, and a podcast every Monday and Thursday. We’re so excited to have more content for you, but I will also just be really transparent, I am excited to have more content for me, and here’s why. I am not lit up by creating something new, every time I want to serve my audience instead, I want to be efficient with my time and I want to repurpose our episodes into little chunks of bite-sized empowerment for you. I will be honest, I had a little bit of fear when we finished our last guest recording for these seasons we recorded for all of you. I was a little nervous and wondered if I missed the mark. I thought about calling the whole thing off and saying, you know what, I just need to go on a hiatus. I just don’t know if I nailed this. Maybe it is because I am realizing that I am shedding a little bit of that shield of Lauren, the lawyer, and stepping more into myself is the entrepreneur and embracing that. So, I hope you embrace that, too. 

We are still going to bring legal topics up, but I want to do it in a different way. We’re going to teach topics through the eyes of actual experiences and stories of clients. Of course, none of the names will be given, confidentiality is first and foremost, but I want you to see it through the lens of what actually happens in the world I want to share with you. The finances of my business, as far as you know, how we plan for revenue, our revenue streams, how we’re expanding our team and bringing on several employees in the coming months, and I wanted you to be there for the journey. 

I want to talk about how being an entrepreneur has changed or being a wife, how my husband and I balance the responsibilities of being an adult and being part of a team that has a business, and talk about how we handle finances. I want to share that. I don’t know all the answers, but I can give you a lot of tips on here, I can bring you a lot of guest experts, but this is meant to be. More unscripted than when I first launched the podcast. I never thought I was going to have a podcast, much less really enjoy doing it. But, when we got further into it, I realized what I wanted was to show up as more myself. 

So, I will share another reason why we did a new name and that will come in an upcoming episode. But it felt like it was meant to happen in the time that it did. Though I am sitting here in a little bit of fear, I want to invite you to follow along in the journey and I want to thank you for being a trusting listener to know that. I take the time that you give us seriously, that I honor the fact that you tune in and that you share the podcast. Because this is a passion project of mine, it’s a project that I hope helps it make it that much easier for the next person to know that you’re not so alone in this journey, and make sure you have a strong legal foundation. We are all the things and feeling as though we have a community behind us, strategies that we allow ourselves to evolve and change and just realize that there is so much growth and abundance out there. It is something we can all embrace. 


So, to kick off this new season of the podcast, I thought it was so fitting to do a season on abundance. We are going to talk about money. We are going to talk about really all of the things hiring, how our team is expanding, how you can leverage a team to grow and scale your business, how we can create passive income streams, all while also considering that abundance is not all about money. We are going to share that abundance is also about the ability to have time and freedom. That abundance is abundance in all things. But abundance should be defined by your core values. And your actions should complement that, so alignment is still going to be a big piece of what we talk about, but we are going to talk about so much more than alignment, so much more than legal. 

So with that, welcome to The Lauren Boyd Show.