Let’s be honest as entrepreneurs have a common trait… we tend to have trouble delegating. Well, that’s until we are ready to get out of our own way and get about our financial goals.

Now delegating is of course, partly a game of numbers on the journey to your financial goals, allowing you to buy back your time at a lower hourly rate. While on the other hand, delegating will trust your work to someone with stronger skills, which will allow you to focus your time in the parts of your business that will move the needle.  Consider for a moment the impact that your focused attention could have on your business.

With that said, here are 10 ways entrepreneurs should considering using virtual assistants in their business:

  1. Customer Management. A virtual assistant can make your customer management systems run like a well-oiled machine. For example, setting up your client portal on Dubsado or inputting new leads.
  2. Invoicing. Free up your time to focus on generating the revenue by having your virtual assistant invoice clients and reconcile payments along the way. 
  3. Research. With research comes growth. Consider the opportunities that may come from your virtual assistant identifying speaking engagements to pitch, drafting scripts for your podcast, or formatting your blog posts. 
  4. Scheduling. Most of us spend at least 4 hours scheduling every week. A virtual assistant can support you by managing your appointments with clients, facilitating connections over the mic with podcast guests, or booking public relations opportunities on your wish list (based on their research).
  5. Content Planning. Our world is fueled by content. With coordinated efforts, you and your virtual assistant can focus on not only creating new content but republishing content to maximize your impact across various platforms.
  6. SEO Assistance. Yes, Search Engine Optimization. I am guessing publishing your blog is already aspiration enough, much less figure out link building, tags, and keyword research. 
  7. Project Management. Whether its maintenance of your website, the launch of a new offer or community engagement, a virtual assistant can run point on these projects to keep you and your team on track. 
  8. Managing (all of your) Inboxes. These days it’s hard to unplug, much less focus with the constant barrage of unread emails and direct messages. A virtual assistant can review, prioritize, and even respond to your messages.  
  9. Document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Create Workflow. Do you struggle to document the method behind the madness, leaving you burdened with what feels like a never-ending list of to-dos? A virtual assistant can take the time to review your current SOPs, identify room for improvement and efficiencies, then create a workflow to lift the burden.
  10. Follow-Ups. Let’s be honest despite your best systems there is always a need for time-consuming follow up.

I wish I could tell you this list was a comprehensive list of the impact my virtual assistant has made in my business, but this really only scratches the surface. I hope hiring a virtual assistant will do the same for your business!

If you are in need of a Virtual Assistant Agreement (coming soon) to protect your business and set clear expectations from the beginning, explore what is included in our contract template or join our private Facebook where I would happily share lessons learned along the way.