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I'm Lauren Boyd.

Entrepreneur, Attorney,

Mentor, and Podcast Host.


I’m an entrepreneur, attorney, podcast host, speaker, and proud mother-to-be (expecting fall 2021!) who is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs gain confidence in their legal foundation.

But…if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s my first passion (and degree)
is entrepreneurship.

I want to help you own your brand and your day.


Choose from a variety of

   contract templates!


Contracts aren’t doom + gloom or knocking over the proverbial salt shaker. Let’s get honest. You still have moments of doubt or the inevitable imposter syndrome with handshake deals and scaling your business from the law offices of copy + paste. 

I want you to have more than a contract template. I want you to have self-help resources and a community behind you. 

Now that you’re here you can finally check “get a contract” off your list + use it as momentum to keep leveling up your biz.




create cultivate legal services


I don’t want your busy schedule to keep you from gettin’ the goods.

If you give me 15 minutes each episode, I will honor your time with to-the-point guidance on entrepreneurial + legal topics while linking arms while sharing real-talk with guests to empower you to start building your empire.

Did we leave you wanting more?

Did we leave you wanting more?

Did we leave you wanting more?

Did we leave you wanting more?

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Did we leave you wanting more?